“The Good Neighbor”


Connor Callahan is a good neighbor. He is always keeping a watchful eye out for trouble and is quick to lend a helping hand when needed, especially when it comes to his neighbor, Mr. Obolensky. The old man is falling apart in these latter years of his life, and there’s no one else around to help him. Connor is happy to fill the position. But even with almost daily interaction with the old man, how much does Connor really know about him? He is soon to find out how different a person can be when they are behind closed doors…


“Shotgun Grandma”

Shotgun Grandma: Volume 1


The living fear the dead, and the dead fear grandma…

Margaret McDaniel is a stand-up citizen; she pays her taxes, donates when she can, and is in the church pew every Sunday. She was a great wife, still is a great mother, but most of all, she is an excellent grandmother. Now that her husband has passed on, all she wishes to do is spend a few more good years with her granddaughter before punching out her time clock for good. She had been fulfilling that wish up until the zombie apocalypse decided to happen. With a horde of zombies threatening the well-being of her family, she has no option but to show them the righteous end of her double barrel.


“Dancing with the Dead”

The Arceneau House has always been shrouded in mystery, but after the disappearances, Allison Fisher has thought of little else. As a reporter, she sees it as her duty to get to the bottom of the story. Now that the estate is under contract and leaving the family for the first time, Allison has her chance. And after her recent tragedy, she wants nothing more than a return to normalcy. Little does she know, that nothing normal awaits her in the Arceneau House.



“Ghost Blade: Book 1”

Ghost Blade: Book 1

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