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2017 Publishing Schedule

We made it to October. I heard rumors that the world would end on September 23rd. Lucky for us, the doom and gloomers were wrong… again. I’ll admit it was getting a little sketchy there for a while with the hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires though. It was enough for me to think that maybe, quite possibly… we were all going to suffer the same fate as the dinosaurs and die horrible deaths. Did I look into purchasing a timeshare at my local survival bunker? Possibly. Was said bunker affordable? No. Not even a little bit. So, good thing we made it!

Anyway, I thought I’d just stop by and let everyone know what I’m up to. The first draft for “Shotgun Grandma: Volume 2” is nearly complete. If I’m able to get my shit together and buckle down, I can probably have the manuscript cleaned up and ready for publication by October 31st. But then again, I’m also elbow deep in a school project where I have to design and build a database from scratch, so we’ll see.

If you haven’t already noticed, “Shotgun Grandma: Volume 1” is now available in print. I haven’t received the proof yet, so I’m not sure how it will look, but if it looks nice I’ll be happy to pass along a free copy to my mailing list. I was supposed to receive my first copy on October 21st, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen.

I have a few other projects mapped out and some short stories finished, but I’ll be saving those for a collection. I’ve added my publishing schedule below if anyone is curious. I have plans to write all over the place, so this could get interesting. Choosing what will take precedent over the other has been a nightmare, so if there’s anything you guys are wanting first; don’t be afraid to let me know. Just jump over to the contact page and send me an email, comment on this post, or even better let me know on my Facebook page. Which if you haven’t visited yet… Shame on you.

Shame, Shame, Shame

I’m just joking. It’s not like I advertise that I have one. But if you’re curious, check it out. There’s the occasional update on there, but mostly what you’ll find is posts consisting of obscene memes and GIFs.

I think that about does it for updates. I’d like to give a shout out to those of you who have left me reviews… You all are the best! Reviews are hard to come by and they’re important to the success of the author, so thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time out of your day.

I guess I should get back to work now if I’m going to have “Shotgun Grandma: Volume 2” ready in time. Until then, cheers and happy reading!

Publishing Schedule

  • Shotgun Grandma: Volume 2 (October ’17) Horror
  • Shotgun Grandma: Volume 3 (November ’17) Horror
  • Ghost Blade (December ’17) Fantasy
  • Dreadful Delights: A Horror Collection (January ’18) Horror
  • Neon Skies (February ’18) Sci-fi

Quitting Life

I started this post with the title, and already I can see where I might get myself in trouble. First off, I’m not suicidal. I chose that title for a reason. Bear with me, it will all make sense later; I promise.

It’s been about three months between releases and though that’s not awfully long, I don’t write opuses, so there’s no reason I shouldn’t have new content out. I feel like I owe an explanation for the delay, so here it goes… I’m quitting life (there’s that title again). Not life in general, but the life I have lived since turning eighteen.

I use to have a very 1950’s view on the American dream. By the time I graduated high school, I worked four different jobs. That’s no exaggeration, though I’ll admit it didn’t last long. A weekly sleep allowance of thirty-five hours wasn’t working for me. After about a month of this routine, I had to drop two of the jobs, but I made enough money during that time to buy an engagement ring for my high school sweetheart. About seven months later, we were married. The wedding and honeymoon were mostly paid for by myself and new wife, so it wasn’t extravagant.

Within another six months, I was still working two jobs, but I switched out a minimum wage job for a sales job making about 40K a year. The new job allowed us to purchase our very first home. And there we had it… the American dream; all within one year of graduating high school. Most of our friends were just now deciding if they wanted to go to college, and here we had already achieved what takes others a decade. And we did it with little to no help.

It didn’t last long though. About this time, the economy crashed. My wife lost her job, forcing her to take a minimum wage job. At the same time, I lost both of my jobs as well, which put me on a cycle of working as a contractor doing whatever I could to bring food to the table. I worked a lot of odd jobs during this time; from retail, to factory work, to eventually driving a forklift. None of these paid well. We were barely scraping by before I landed a job at a call center making a decent living wage. My wife decided to go to college, and she worked full-time while going to night classes. She is now the first person in her family to graduate with a degree (proud of you pretty girl!).

Through the years, we have worked our way back to the point where we can support ourselves without fear of losing everything. We live paycheck to paycheck, but we don’t have to wonder how we’re going to pay for gas to get to work, or budget in a pair of shoes months in advance anymore. I guess you can say we got comfortable. As we grew more comfortable financially, we both grew uncomfortable in life. Neither of us like what we’re doing. To borrow from Tyler Durden, we work 9-5 jobs that we hate, for shit we don’t need. Besides the fact that we have student loans to pay for now, and are not growing financially, we want more from life. My wife dreams of traveling to new places and helping people for a living. I want to be a writer and create for a living. In short, we both want to unplug from a system we don’t believe in anymore.

Now, looking back, what I’ve told you so far sounds like a bitchfest… Believe me when I say it’s not. I am grateful for what we have and everything we have achieved. In truth, our story has been a testament to what is possible in this country even without college degrees (I’m in school now, but haven’t utilized it as of yet). But life is short. Neither of us wants to spend a majority of our lives doing shit we hate. That’s why we’re quitting life (sensing a theme yet?).

One day we got together and brainstormed ideas to get what we both want out of life. We both agreed, that the quickest solution was to get out of our mortgage. After the market crashed, we instantly owed more than our house was worth. Now that the economy has recovered, we can actually make a small profit. Which brings me all the way back to why I don’t have a new release this month. We just, within the past two weeks, closed on our house. We didn’t even put the house on the market and yet we had it sold within three months of coming to the conclusion we needed a change. We made a small profit and used it to pay down a lot of our debt. Now, we’re saving and working towards our dreams. Within a year, we plan to completely unplug from the 9-5 system and become self-sufficient.

Both my wife and I still kept our day jobs. I’m also still in school, so I’m not completely free of responsibilities to focus on writing, but it’s a step in the right direction. I’ll admit the change so far has been scary… but also exciting. I can’t wait to see what we’re able to achieve in this next year.

Now that that’s all out there… Quitting life. I actually got that title from a friend. When my wife and I told him our plans, he was very supportive. In fact, we wouldn’t have been able to move in time if it wasn’t for his help (thanks, Zack!). When he explained what we were doing to others, he explained it as we were “quitting life”. It became an inside joke between the three of us, and so I found it appropriate to use the title.

As far as content is concerned, don’t worry. I’ll have a new release in September. Those of you on the list will get a heads up on the release date and it will be free for that first couple of days. Now, that I’m settling into a rhythm, I’ll have more content on a regular basis.

Until then, cheers and happy reading!

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