Readers, crawlers, and spammers; lend me your ears (eyes?)!

I have a new title available on Amazon; “Dancing with the Dead“. It’s another horror short—or maybe novelette—about 40 pages long. “Dancing with the Dead” is my attempt at a haunted house story. I hope it’s an enjoyable read; I’m pretty proud of it. Let me know what you think and thanks for all the support!

Cheers and happy reading.

Dancing with the Dead

The Arceneau House has always been shrouded in mystery, but after the disappearances, Allison Fisher has thought of little else. As a reporter, she sees it as her duty to get to the bottom of the story. Now that the estate is under contract and leaving the family for the first time, Allison has her chance. And after her recent tragedy, she wants nothing more than a return to normalcy. Little does she know, that nothing normal awaits her in the Arceneau House.

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