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The project I mentioned in my last post is now live; Shotgun Grandma is available on Amazon and through Kindle Unlimited. It will be free through Friday (6/9), so now is a good time to give it a try if you haven’t already. I hope you enjoy it!


Shotgun Grandma: Volume 1

Shotgun Grandma: Volume 1 (Sample)


Chapter 1

“A Killer Beginning”

The coffee house was in chaos. A girl with dyed red hair and a nose ring worked the register, while a teenage boy with a fresh case of acne ran back and forth from the expresso machines to the counter. The girl wore a smile, but stress lined the rest of her face. The pair of workers were barely treading water. The line of customers backed up all the way to the front door, and the drive-thru wrapped around the building and into the street.

Murmurs, laughter, and the dings of different phone notifications filled the crowded shop. The noises fed the headache scratching at the surface of Meghan Hall’s skull. She needed her caffeine.

Meghan checked the time on her phone, growing impatient. She had been in line for almost twenty minutes and it was already eight-seventeen; her test started at eight-thirty. She would’ve bailed after seeing the drive-thru line, but she wasn’t about to take her statistics final without a mocha-latte first. That would only guarantee a bad grade.

With all of the bodies packed so tightly, and with the aid of the morning sun beaming in through the windows, the store had grown uncomfortably warm. Meghan wished she had woken up early enough to have taken a shower, but she slept in, so for her it was a beanie day. The long sleeve button up and tights weren’t helping either. Meghan decided that this was her punishment for waiting to schedule the final until last minute, leaving her with a Saturday appointment to take the test.

As miserable as she was at the moment, it could’ve been worse. Meghan was happy that the aroma of coffee overpowered the other smells that could be filling the room instead. The guy in front of her looked particularly raunchy. He was big—a bodybuilder type—maybe in his thirties, wearing a hooded sweatshirt with dark sweat stains ringing his armpits and back. His hair was matted to his head and beads of sweat glistened off of him. He either had the workout of his life, or he was dying. Meghan figured she didn’t want to be down wind of him either way.

“Let’s go!” A man cried near the front of the line. “Some of us have real jobs to get to. How hard can it be to make a coffee? The machine does the work for you.”

Meghan rolled her eyes at the comment, though she too was in a hurry.

The red-haired girl behind the counter gave the man a sharp look. “Dude, chill. We’re doing the best we can. We’re a little short-staffed today.”

The acne-ridden boy was clearly feeling the pressure. He ran back toward the register, a cup in each hand, neither having secured lids. His hip caught on the counter and both coffees spilled over his hands and onto the floor. The scolding liquid made him cry out and drop what was left.

A chorus of moans filled the storefront.

Meghan couldn’t help but feel the same way. She was already pushing past the time she needed to make it into class, given there was no traffic on the way.

“Nice one!” A boy yelled from behind Meghan. The comment brought a few snickers from the line.

The boy turned dark red, probably both from the pain and the embarrassment.

The red-haired girl bent down, picking up the two cups and said something to the boy, but Meghan couldn’t make it out. She probably told him to go wash up or get a medical kit because the boy disappeared into the back.

“Look,” said the man who had first issued a complaint. “I’ll give you fifty dollars to just get me my coffee right now. That should be enough money to get all kinds of metal to stick in your face. What do you say?”

Meghan leaned over to catch sight of the man. He looked like someone’s dad. He wore a bright polo with black dress pants, and a phone was clipped to his belt. His dark brown hair was full and combed to the side. He definitely didn’t look like someone who would have a superiority complex, but then again assholes come in all shapes and sizes.

“I’d say to get bent dude,” the red-haired girl said. “Go get your coffee somewhere else.”

About that time, the sweaty weightlifter in front of Meghan fell to the ground. He didn’t even try and catch himself. He just dropped straight down, his body slapping on the tile floor.

Meghan jumped in surprise and started to back away as an older woman rushed to his side.

“Jesus Christ!” The asshole dad said. “This place is a shit-show. Have fun with that,” he added pointing at the weightlifter on the floor. “I’m going across the street.”

The girl behind the counter ignored him, and leaned over trying to see what the commotion was. “Is he okay?” She asked.

The older woman wearing a pink breast cancer awareness shirt had her fingers at the big man’s wrist. She shook her head. “You need to call for an ambulance. I can’t find a pulse.”

The red-haired girl was frozen in place, concern on her face.

“Now!” The woman in pink yelled.

The girl disappeared into the back, leaving no one at the register.

A small circle began forming around the man on the floor, and Meghan stayed back watching intently. Her test be damned… It’s not like she didn’t have a good reason to get out of it at this point.

“Ridiculous,” the asshole dad muttered as he skirted past the crowd.

That’s when the big man opened his eyes and began to move.

“Oh, thank God!” The older woman said as the sound of amazement went through the small circle of onlookers. “Are you okay?”

Then, the man did what no one expected. He grabbed hold of the woman’s arm, and took a huge bite. Raw, sinewy muscle was clenched between his teeth when he tilted his head back.

The woman began to scream and she tried to pull away, but the man never let go of her. A large pool of blood started to form below her.

The rest of the crowd started screaming, some went for the door, and others started pounding at the man, trying to get him off of her. The asshole dad pushed past Meghan, throwing her to the ground.

Her head bounced off of the tile, blurring her vision as water began pooling at her eyes. She could feel people tripping and stepping on her, heading for the door. Fear gripping her, she tried to get to her hands and knees, but someone’s knee collided with her ribs and she fell back down.

Thankfully, someone grabbed a hold of her hand, trying to help her up. She kicked her feet trying to use the support to stand up, but whoever had grabbed her pulled her back down. They pulled her closer to where the carnage was happening instead of helping her escape.

When Meghan looked behind her, it was the weightlifter that had a hold of her. He was no longer concerned about the older woman, who had somehow gotten free and was now being rushed out of the door. She tried to pull her arm free, but the man was incredibly strong. Half of her hand found his mouth, and then pain lanced through her arm as his teeth clamped down.

She was screaming, but it felt so distant… Not real even. It was like she was floating above it all, watching herself endure the horrific act of being eaten alive. Everything seemed so small from up there; the need for coffee, the test… none of it really mattered.

She heard a snap and more pain came. Her screams were still the muted cries of someone else to her ears.

A wet chewing sound rose above the screams. The smell of coffee still filled the air, though now there was a metallic undertone. Soon, the pain receded completely and Meghan felt nothing.

Finally, darkness over took her…

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